Online Classes

short courses to help you connect with your audience

Visual Marketing for Beginners

If you’re struggling to create visually-appealing content and want to learn the basics of good design and a simple process for pairing fonts and colours that harmonize well, VMB is great for folks who want to make simple and engaging marketing materials that resonate with their audience but still feels authentic to who they are—even if they don’t possess an ounce of artistry.

Facilitated by George Kao, taught by Krista Bauer (it includes a 100+ page resource guide and dozens of bonus tutorials): open for enrolment


Copywriting With Heart

You don’t have to have the “gift” of writing to resonate with your ideal clients—you’ve just got to know how to speak in their language. CWH is a 6-week course for people who struggle to write web copy that resonates with their audience and reflects their personality. If you want a heartfelt, compassionate framework that helps you write respectfully without using hype, agitation or fear to sell your offers online, then join the waitlist to be the first to know when registration opens up.

Registration opens the spring of 2021.


Brand Authentic

Aesthetics go beyond just making something pretty. It enhances your client’s experience, creates balance within your online space, and helps you gain the confidence you need to put yourself out there in a way that expresses who you are. In this course, I’ll walk you through a personal and simple branding process that’ll uncover your values, identify keywords that reflect the energy of your business and find colours, imagery and fonts that feel authentically you. We’ll create a moodboard and explore the  essential brand elements that make your business unique.

Registration opens the fall of 2021.