I thought it’d be fun to share a few fun facts to help my readers get to know me a little better ’cause an about page just doesn’t cut it.

Do we have any in common?

01. I’ve moved over 30 times in my life

Yes! 30 times and my parents were not even in the military. The downside of having a semi-nomadic lifestyle is that I don’t feel connected to one place since I usually wouldn’t live anywhere longer than a few years. On the plus side, this experience has made me extremely adaptable and I don’t fear big change. I also don’t get overly attached to things. My husband will attest to this fact since he has fallen victim to many of my decluttering sprees when I accidentally donate things like our foot orthotics. Oops!

02. I suck at small talk

When I have to make small talk my mind goes blank and I get NOTHING—pretty embarrassing. It’s a personality trait that I believe comes with being an ENFP (a great description of what that means can be found here).  We tend to be very deep thinkers nearly to the point of exhaustion and have a strong dislike for anything superficial. That means that I’m always looking for the deeper meaning in life which is why I work with clients who want to make a difference—it matters to me at a soul-level.

03. I married my soulmate

Fo’ real. According to numerology, my husband and I have a soulmate connection. We’re both a life path 33/6 in numerology which apparently is a very rare life path; having two people with the exact same number is extremely rare. One month after dating my husband I proclaimed to my friends that I was going to “marry this guy”. I knew that we were meant to be together in this life. I’m in no way suggesting that marrying my soulmate is an easy path, if I’m being honest, it’s been (by far) my most challenging relationship. However, it has been the greatest spiritual assignment of my life and helps me grow and become the best version of me I can be. It does come with some perks like feeling a sense of ease and comfort to fully express who we are in our relationship and having an intuitive ability to just “get” each other.

04. I notoriously botch common expressions 

It has become a joke between my hubby and I and is very apparent when we’re arguing and I try to make a strong point which usually ends in us both hunched over in uncontrollable laughter because I’ve stormed off and yelled something ridiculous like, “you’re not the brightest tool in the shed, are you?”

05. I love to paint & draw

In my late 20’s I discovered painting and leased an art studio in downtown Calgary for a short time. It was a great confidence boost to have my work validated by art students and professional artists who admired my style. My love and passion for art and creation, in general, is something that I infuse into every aspect of my business since I truly believe that creativity is essential to our overall health and well-being.

06. I don’t like fiction

There I said it. The truth is I’ve never read, 50 Shades of Grey, seen Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, or Twilight. For some reason, fantasy fiction just doesn’t hold my interest. Annoyingly, my bedside table is stacked high with piles of self-help books and educational novels like the Anne Frank diaries. Not exactly “light” reading material but I’ve got a weird and crazy obsession with personal development and feel pangs of guilt when I’m not lessening my self-help book load.  *insert eye-roll*

07. My number one passion is teaching 

A few years ago I had an opportunity to create and teach an art workshop with a friend for grade six students at one of the fine art elementary schools in Calgary. That experience ignited a passion in me for teaching art and creativity as a form of healing. I have plans to incorporate more creativity and art healing workshops for my clients in the future. Stay tuned!

08. In a past life I used to be a massage therapist, reflexologist, mechanical drafter and a human resources specialist

In addition to life coaching, I’m certified in each vocation. I didn’t attend university because I couldn’t narrow down my interests, plus the thought of committing to one thing for four years paralyzed me. Instead, I followed my heart and enrolled in anything that piqued my interest. I’m a firm believer that investing in yourself is never a waste of time or money. Eventually, a vision and purpose for your life will emerge and suddenly what you want and don’t want becomes crystal clear.

09. I’m letter and number directionally challenged 

Huh? It’s like a mild form of dyslexia. Occasionally I will substitute letters for numbers or vice versa which makes hex codes, postal codes or any number/letter combination a challenge since I tend to mix them up and write them backwards.

10. I overcame debilitating panic attacks 

I’ll admit, this isn’t really a fun fact but it’s worth mentioning. In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and I was determined to find the root cause. After some intense self-help work, I eventually learned tools & techniques to reduce my anxiety to a manageable level. I am relieved to report that I have not had a hyperventilating, heart-racing, body-trembling, believe-I’m-actually-dying kind of anxiety attack in nearly ten years.

bonus fact: I’m a delirious dog lady 

Since the last fact was a little heavy I felt I needed to throw this one in! I’m a huge animal lover and it’s my dream to one day blend my love for business, people, healing and animals.

I’d love to know more about you…

  • Do we share any of the same fun facts? If so, which ones?
  • What’s one fun fact that people don’t know about you?