3 Questions to Help You Reclaim Your Power and Choose Your Destiny

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Feeling powerless to change a difficult situation and wondering how you can reclaim your power and co-create your destiny?

If so, that was me just one year, five months and eight days ago. Not that I’m counting, right?

The truth is, not so long ago I was struggling with a situation that felt so unbearable that I couldn’t fathom going through it another day. I didn’t understand how I landed in this position but more importantly, I couldn’t understand how I was going to get out. I’m talking about waking up and going to a job I could not stand every single day.

For you, the struggle might be trying to parent an unruly teenager, dealing with a difficult relationship, battling a chronic illness or managing an endless mountain of debt. Regardless of your circumstances, it leaves you feeling desperate, disheartened and asking yourself this question: why me? 

After repeatedly asking myself the same question, I never got a response that felt good or helped me move forward in my life. I soon realized that I was asking myself the wrong question. My guess is that if you’re struggling with the same problem over and over without any options or solutions on the horizon despite your best effort and “positive” thinking, then you probably are, too.

Before we explore this further, it’s important to recognize why or why me questions are disempowering and trick us into believing that we are the victim. They make us think that our circumstances are outside of our control and we should find someone or something to blame for our pain and suffering.

“YOU are the authority in your life and nothing can take away your power without your permission.”



Every choice we make and action we take or don’t take creates some kind of result or outcome. As long as we’re breathing, there’s an opportunity to change our lives for the better.

If you’re facing a difficult situation right now that makes this concept hard to grasp, start by asking yourself more mindful or empowering questions. Ones that free of blame and judgement.

Ask questions that help you shift your perspective to bring the truth of your challenge to light.



3 questions to help reclaim your power and choose your destiny when life deals you a bad hand


In other words, what issue needs your attention that you’ve been avoiding or have neglected to see?

There’s a good chance that when you ask yourself this question you’ll get an immediate response. Your first thought to this question is usually your inner wisdom or truth speaking.

Another indicator that you’ve hit on something big is when you’re afraid to say your answer aloud or tell people about it because it requires you to make a change which can be scary. Even though you hate the situation you’re in, it feels pretty darn easy to just brush what’s really going on under the rug. If you’ve fallen victim to anything, it’s being comfortable.

When I asked myself this question two years ago, my answer was pretty clear:

The spiritual significance of hating my job which quickly manifested as an illness in my body (panic attacks) was that it needed to get that bad in order to give me the “smack-in-the-face” kinda wake up call I needed.

The truth is, when things were “okay”,  it wasn’t enough motivation to get me to make a change.

Life needed to get kinda dark and bumpy before I was willing to look at the truth of my situation; I had been depriving myself of purpose and the lifestyle I really wanted for too long.

For you, the answer might be the same. Things need to get THIS bad in order for you to finally wake up and do something about it.

Are you starting to see how this might be a blessing in disguise?



The truth of the matter is that I had been in a cozy corporate job for nearly ten years. All of which I had complained about not fitting in and wanting to do something more fulfilling. All I’d ever talk about was becoming an entrepreneur and living a free and creative lifestyle, yet, I didn’t do a damn thing to make that happen.

At the time I didn’t believe it was possible to earn a living doing something I loved. Although I knew my talent was being withered away sitting behind a desk pushing paper from nine to five, I didn’t have a clue what my talent was. Instead of exploring that further, I chose to settle for the mediocre, autopilot lifestyle I had created for myself because it was easy.

Why am I grateful that I had to endure a lot of pain and suffering before I finally got the hint?

Because it forced me to take action and to start building the kind of life and career I truly wanted. Period.

If this didn’t happen, I’d still be there today instead of inspiring you (hopefully) to make the change you know in your heart you need to make, too.

The moment I changed my thoughts and expressed gratitude for my “wake up call”, opportunities appeared from out under my nose and pretty soon I was tolerating a dismal situation. It made life easier going to work each day knowing that I was working towards the life I wanted and progressing towards my goals.



What’s one thing you can do to make strides towards creating the higher vision you hold for your life?

When I think back to where I was and how I started to make a change, it all started with one simple action.

At the time I wanted to start a self-help blog (Happy Little Hummingbird which wasn’t a business idea then) and I researched one thing about blogging every day for about a year. I started small but gradually momentum began to build.

Working towards my vision gave me a sense of accomplishment and helped me realize that my situation wasn’t permanent. I took control over my life and felt good about my future because there was something exciting to look forward to.

Keep an open mind and hold this intention during prayer, journaling or meditation:

Dear [Greater Power/Universe/Divine/God, etc.], help me understand the meaning of this struggle so that I can begin to heal myself and take steps to move me in the right direction. Shed light on the area in my life that needs the most attention so that I can improve my situation and create a life that supports my highest good and the highest good of others.

“Suffering can be the greatest possible invitation to transform — Jim MacLaren.”


  • How is your struggle inviting you to transform?
  • What’s one thing that makes you grateful for the struggle you’re experiencing right now?
  • How will your life be different one year from today as a result of this challenge?


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