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Create a business that looks and feels like you.

Visual Marketing

for Beginners

Create visually-appealing graphics for your business. 

Visual Marketing for Beginners is great for folks who want to make simple and engaging marketing materials that resonate with their audience but still feel authentic to who they are—even if they don’t possess an ounce of artistry.

You’ll learn the basics of good design, how to pair fonts and colours that harmonize well, and tips & tricks for using my favourite design tool for non-designers, Canva. 

PS. It’s facilitated by George Kao (taught by me) and you’ll be taken to a sales page on his website to sign-up. Open for enrolment. 

This course was amazing. I’ve always felt incompetent and embarrassed about my cluelessness with regards to design. I wish I had taken this course 8.5 yrs ago, but better late than never! I used to feel pretty ignorant about this topic but the course helped me feel more competent and see more possibilities. I don’t think I’ll always have to hire others to make my design decisions! Thank you so much Krista Bauer! It was absolutely fabulous and I feel like all of my marketing is going to look more professional because of you!

dr. tina huang

Visual Marketing for Beginners Student