1:1 Business Coaching

grow a heart-driven business following your intuition not formulas

 Hey love, if you’re looking for permission to throw away the rulebook and build a simple & fulfilling business that’s right for you—you don’t need one.

It’s your business and you get to write the playbook.

Regardless of what you’ve been taught, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to building and growing your business.

If you’re tired of the hype and the loud mainstream advice that’s out there, and you’re looking for a simpler, softer way to market your services, breathe deep.

you’re not alone.

Many of my clients feel lost, overwhelmed and tired of going around in circles because of the conflicting advice and ‘salesy’ marketing tactics that don’t align with how they want to reach clients. 

They crave a deep, connected and meaningful approach that doesn’t require them to trade their soul to be seen and heard by the right people.

I’ve discovered that by showing up as myself (imperfectly) and being willing to experiment, you can create a business that’s unique, fulfilling and resonant with the kindred clients you want to work with.

Yes, it can feel scary to be truly authentic in your work, but the payoff is huge if you stick with it.

If you’re feeling a need to develop deeper confidence in your own decision making about your business or you know change is necessary, but you’re not sure how to shape that change, my 1:1 coaching may be perfect for you. 

My work is best suited for:


✦ The highly sensitive woman who’s tired of the loud mainstream business advice that’s out there and seeking a softer approach to marketing her services

✦ The spiritually-minded solopreneur ready to question unhelpful beliefs so they can confidently go after their goals in a way that works best for them. 

✦ The empaths in business wanting a deeper, more meaningful approach to reaching and connecting with the right audience (and need a little handholding).

✦ The coaches, healers and small business owners wanting someone to talk things over with and get a second opinion when they’re not feeling sure on your own.

✦ The soulful creatives wanting to distil their jumbled thoughts and ideas into a plan of action.

✦ Conscious people who align with authentic, sustainable business models (aka the slower more spacious approach vs. the fast, mainstream marketing that’s out there).

Common areas of focus for clients:


✦ Clarity on what you do, who you serve and what your message is so you can communicate with greater resonance and ease

✦ Brainstorming content ideas and ways to get discovered by the right people

✦ Building confidence in yourself, your voice and what you’re putting out in the world

✦ Support in developing your vision, direction and aligned business deliverables with a plan for implementation

✦ Reviewing your website, copy, content and overall online presence to identify gaps and improvements to help you reach and resonate with your ideal audience

✦ Identifying a brand identity that’s authentic and true to who you are and energetically feels like a good fit for the right people

✦ Setting up systems, social media platforms and technical areas of your business such as your newsletter, appointment scheduler, Instagram, podcast, e-course, YouTube channel, marketing materials, etc.

✦ Ideal audience outreach to help you know and understand your best-fit client’s so you can connect with them on a deeper level and create offers they want (not what you think they need).


Power Hour Session

60-min, 1:1 coaching session $100

Power Hour Sessions are a great option for those who are ready to focus on one to a couple of areas of their business. Whether you want to:

  • Hash out an idea for a new offer
  • Discuss kinder marketing strategies to help you reach & resonate with your audience 
  • Get a step-by-step walk-through on a system or something I’ve taught in a course
  • Get high-level feedback on your sales page, website, visual or written content
  • Clarify the next steps in your business to get you moving and inspired again.

These sessions are best for laser focus with just one or two concerns. You’ll get a recording of your session and an action list of simple changes to implement right away.

Monthly Business Coaching

$350/mo (3-mo commitment—$100 off when paying in full)

Monthly coaching is a great option for those who need deep support and ongoing accountability in finding and aligning with their core business foundations and creating deep resonance with their best-match clients through their website, content, branding, visuals and message.

what’s INCLUDED:

  • 1, 90-min Alignment and Business Assessment Session to kick-off our work together 
  • 2, 60-minute calls per month 
  • In-between check-in calls
  • Unlimited email & Voxer support  
  • Short & long-term goal setting and ongoing accountability
  • Complimentary access to my course library 

30-day Coaching Intensive

3-hrs of 1:1 coaching, $400

30-day Intensives are a great option for those who are ready to focus on one to a few concerns or need deeper processing with a larger, more complex issue. Intensives can be split into three one-hour sessions, two ninety-minute sessions, four forty-five minute sessions or any combo of all three. But they must be used within the month. 

what’s included:

  • 3, 60-min, 2, 90-min or 4, 45-min sessions to be used within 30 days
  • Unlimited email & Voxer support for one month
  • Short-term goal setting & accountability
  • A complimentary 30-min follow-up session after a 2-4 week implementation period.

The application process includes a complimentary 75-min, 1:1 session for me to learn more about your business and to thoroughly discuss your unique needs and how I might support them. If you have questions before applying, click here to hop on a virtual coffee chat instead.


01. How do I know you're the right coach for me?

If you resonate with my message and philosophy, and you’re willing to go deep into how to reach and be discovered by the right people,  then we might be a great match. More than anything, it’s important to invest in a coach who shares your values. Also, trust your gut. If you’ve just read through this sales page and it doesn’t feel like a “hell yes” then, it’s worth looking some more. If you feel a “yes” but still need clarity or reassurance, please hop on a call with me here to tell me more about your business and see how I may be able to support you.  

02. Can you guarantee I'll get results?

As your coach, the only thing I can promise you is that I’m there to support you as you do the work. I promise to be your accountability partner and someone who always has your back, but I can’t guarantee you’ll make an extra $2k per month, 10x your conversions, or grow your Instagram following by thousands. What I can guarantee is that 1:1 coaching provides the space and encouragement to try to make it happen.

03. Can you tell me a bit about your coaching style?

My style is about embracing the season you’re in, not pushing for answers like most mainstream coaches. I want you to leave our sessions feeling energised, inspired, and ready to take action on whatever we’ve mapped out. I believe in guiding you as much as possible towards the answers you already have. Of course, I’ll jump in with tips, feedback, and authentic marketing strategies that’ve worked for me and that I think would benefit you, but ultimately, it’s all up to you.