Your Business your Way.

1-1 marketing coaching for soulful solopreneurs who want to create deeper resonance with the right audience so they can make money with integrity and in alignment with who they are.

What would your business be like if you felt confident with the value you provide, you could clearly articulate that value and the right people gladly paid you for that value?

Would you be excited about your business again?

Would you know exactly what your business is, who you serve and how to resonate with like-minded clients who not only adore who you are but actually want what you offer? 

It’s possible to feel empowered as a business owner (without drowning in all the “should do’s” and “must-dos”) and cultivate deeper trust and resonance with your audience so you can:

  • Stand out in a noisy marketplace.

  • Make money and do it by being true to who you are and how you want to serve the world.

  • Sell your services in a way that feels natural, sustainable, and dare I say, pleasant?

And it’s possible to do it using honest methods that reach and connect with the people you serve best without the hype or scarcity tactics.

The purpose of this 1-1 offering is to help you create a clear path forward—not based on generic formulas—but deeply rooted in what will work best for you so you can create a fulfilling business that aligns with your values and brings in enough to sustain your life comfortably.

My 1:1 mentoring is best suited for sensitive, conscious-minded, service-based solopreneurs who want to: 

Create consistency in their content so it can be their voice for reaching and serving more of the right people.

Seek a softer approach to marketing their services by building deeper resonance with their audience, not pushing for sales. 

↠ Cut through the noise and feel empowered to choose where they want to go and how to get there on their terms. 

↠ Leverage their natural approach to marketing, as opposed to feeling held back by things that drain them. 

↠ Cultivate deeper trust with their audience to increase engagement, enrolments and make marketing feel easier and more enjoyable.

Develop an honest, sustainable plan for reaching and resonating with their best-fit clients through a clear and cohesive message, aesthetic and online presence. 

The key to reaching and resonating with the right audience lives within you.

I’ll never tell you to follow some random step-by-step guide or do XYZ to unlock the secret to success.

Instead, I’ll guide you through a framework to help you understand the foundations of building deeper resonance with your audience so you can reach and connect with more of the right people consistently.

I’ll also be reminding you along the way that it’s your unique qualities that set you apart. It’s my job to offer a pathway with many possibilities, but the direction you choose to go is up to you.

1 | Centring

The foundational stage where we explore you.

During this phase, we’ll establish the building blocks to standing out in a noisy marketplace and create a plan that aligns with how you best want to reach and resonate with your people. 

We’ll identify your unique way of serving clients (and how you like to work) so you can feel confident knowing you have something different and beautiful to offer.

2 | Collecting

The research stage where we explore your clients.

During this phase, we’ll dig deep into the needs, desires, challenges and goals of your ideal clients. The more you work with clients, the more important it becomes to engage and resonate with the right ones.

I’ll share tools, tips and a process for identifying your audience’s problems and goals so you can create offers they want versus what you think they need.

3 | Clarifying

The refining stage where we explore your message.

During this phase, we’ll explore your message, offerings and overall online presence (website, copy, aesthetic) and see what we can tweak and refine to ensure you’re giving off the right vibe and speaking to the right people. 

The goal is to ensure your visuals and voice are authentic and true to who you are and appeal to the folks who align with your values.

4 | Connecting

The visibility stage where we explore your reach.

During this phase, we’ll find ways to expand your reach with not just your audience, but also your networks. We’ll explore how you feel most comfortable connecting with your people and how we can get your work seen by more of the right clients. 

You don’t have to create videos or attend networking events if it doesn’t fit. It’s about finding a way for you to get your work seen and discovered by the people who’d benefit most. 

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Pricing & What to Expect

Investment $350/mo USD

This is a monthly container to help you create consistency, cohesion, establish the foundations of cultivating deeper resonance with the right people and find a path forward for growing your income with honesty and sustainability. 

(PS. A 3-month minimum commitment is required. You can cancel or stay on as long as needed after three months.)

What’s included:


2, 60-minute coaching sessions per month: We’ll meet every couple of weeks to realign your intentions with your current priorities and dig deep into finding ways to align your business with your values, goals and the people you feel called to serve. I’ll be guiding you every step of the way sharing gentle and supportive feedback, tips, tools, and exercises to support you in creating a sustainable business that nourishes you both spiritually and financially.


A private client portal: You’ll have your own private space to access your session recordings, worksheets, resources, in-between-session goals and intentions and any private training I give that is specific to your business.


Custom training: As a client, you can request my feedback on a sales page you’ve written, a launch email you’re sending, content for your blog or social media, branding or design or a technical aspect of your business like “how do I customise my Acuity confirmation emails?” or “how do I update my Squarespace or WordPress website?”. I’m thrilled to share my feedback and any knowledge I have via Loom (pre-recorded videos) to simplify your life and business.


On-demand Voxer or email support: You can request feedback on something you’re working on or something you’re stuck with (mindset or technical) whenever you need it. Even if that means using me as a sounding board to get something off your chest and mirroring it back so you can access the answers you already know, I’m here for you.


Complimentary access to my course library and programs: I want you to feel fully supported during our time together. If there’s something I teach or create that’ll help you resonate with the right audience and create a sustainable business you love (without pushing for sales), you’ll get it. I currently only have one course in my library, Visual Marketing for Beginners but there are more on their way.

girl looking away from camera - headshot

Hi! If we haven’t met before, I’m Krista.

Many of my clients tell me they’re spread too thin, drained by their marketing efforts and feel stuck in a cloud of mental chaos because they’re wearing too many hats and their business feels “all over the place”. 

They care about doing business with integrity and aren’t motivated by multi six-figure formulas and five-figure launches. They want a simple, feasible marketing strategy that’s easy to implement and gives them the space to focus on what they do best—serve their people and still have time for the things that matter like family, friends, health, hobbies and contributing to their favourite charities.

They simply desire a corner of the internet to express themselves creatively, do what they love, make a positive impact and earn enough to sustain themselves comfortably.

If this sounds like you and my coaching feels like a fit, then I’d invite you to book a complimentary 90-minute coaching session to see where we can create some consistency, find a path forward, and help you reach and resonate with the right people so you can grow your income in alignment with who you are.

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How do I know you’re the right coach for me?

It’s important to invest in a coach who shares your values. Also, trust your gut. If you’ve just read through this sales page and it doesn’t feel like a “hell yes” then, it’s worth looking some more. The best way to truly find out is by getting a sense of my style by signing up for my weekly newsletter, The Monday Letters, taking a course, workshop, or booking a complimentary 90-min intro coaching session where I can assess your business, goals and make recommendations on our call.

How long will it take to get clients?

While many clients see an increase in inquiries and enrolments within the first couple of months, there are many factors at play so there are no guarantees. However, if you’re desperate for clients and need them, like yesterday, this service isn’t for you. Understanding your clients and creating offers they want vs. what you think they need takes time (and there’s a big difference). Each step builds on the other and it would be a disservice to us both to hustle through. It simply doesn’t align with my slow marketing approach.

Can you guarantee results? 

As your coach, the only thing I can promise is that I’m here to support you as you do the work. I promise to be your accountability partner and someone who always has your back, but I can’t guarantee you’ll make an extra $2k per month, 10x your conversions, or grow your audience by thousands. What I can guarantee is that 1:1 coaching provides the space and encouragement to try to make what you want possible.

I’m interested in coaching, but it’s out of my budget.

I have other offerings to suit a smaller budget, like courses, live workshops, or copy critiques. I also offer free marketing coaching through my content found via my weekly newsletter, The Monday Letters, The Business By Intuition Podcast, Instagram, Medium and occasionally YouTube.

What happens if my circumstances change and I need to stop coaching?

Before applying, I’d ask that you assess your current priorities to evaluate if whether a 3-month commitment to your business goals is possible right now. If you’re in the middle of a big life transition or you’re expecting one, then it’s best to hold off on long-term coaching for now. If your circumstances change midway and you no longer have the space in your life to commit to coaching, then we can discuss the best course of action, which is usually to pause the work or slow it down. Each situation is unique and would be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

What’s your coaching style?

My style is about embracing the season you’re in, not pushing for answers. I want you to leave our sessions feeling energised, inspired, and ready to take action on whatever we’ve mapped out. I believe in guiding you as much as possible towards answers you already have. Of course, I’ll jump in with tips, feedback, and authentic marketing strategies that have worked for me and that I think you’d benefit from, but ultimately, it’s all up to you.

Book a complimentary 90-min intro coaching session

Click here to find a time, complete the intake and let’s see where you can create consistency and deeper resonance in your marketing.