Sales Page Critique

Fresh eyes and tailored feedback on your sales page

Want a budget-friendly way to get feedback on your sales page through the lens of your best-fit clients (and a respectful marketing perspective) to better communicate your offer and connect with your audience?

(without using hype, fear or any other tricky tactics?)


Hey, I’m Krista. A heart-driven copy coach who values service over sales. Connection over conversions.

Being able to clearly communicate what you do to the people who’d benefit most from your work is a vital marketing skill, yet, many small business owners find themselves deep in the weeds trying to write in a way their ideal clients will relate to.

Fortunately, you don’t need to possess any special writing talent to write website copy that resonates with your audience.

By drawing out the essential elements of your offer and tweaking the language you use to describe it, is usually enough to gain traction with the right people.

A copy critique is perfect for service-minded entrepreneurs who want a fresh pair of eyes on something they’ve written (or copy they want to revamp) with an action list of things to improve to make it clear, succinct, user-friendly and engaging for their audience.

How it works:

You complete the questionnaire. 

And I’ll:

1. Gather research and get to know your best-fit client in detail.

2. Do a thorough walk-through of your sales/offer/service page.

3. Record my critique as I go section-by-section giving you detailed feedback about what works, what to change, common mistakes or gaps I see, improvements to make and how I’d suggest doing it instead.

Although I don’t write copy for you, I’ll give rewrite suggestions for headlines, sub-headlines, smoother transitions, conciseness, clarity and correct grammar, spelling and critical design errors I notice along the way.

My philosophy (please read):

My focus is writing clear, concise sales copy that connects with the folks who’d benefit most from your offer.

I don’t do highly persuasive, fear-based, hyped-up copy otherwise known as conversion copy.

I believe when you can write using clear, straightforward language that meets your ideal clients where they’re at, conversions are a natural part of the equation.

But it’s not the whole formula.

Audience size. Traffic. Relevance all play a significant role in this equation, too.

I can’t guarantee I’ll 10x your conversions.

But I can promise I’ll help you find the gaps of lost clarity and connection between you and the clients you’d love to serve.

Who it’s for

Conscious business owners and heart-based solopreneurs who:

  • Have written a sales letter and want to know if it speaks to their ideal client’s challenges, desires and awareness
  • Struggle to write succinctly and need help drawing out the relevant elements of their offer to minimise overwhelm or confusion for their audience
  • Want to revamp their existing sales page because their messaging is all wrong and it’s attracting the wrong clients (or none at all)
  • Want specific copywriting suggestions for writing clear and relevant copy that resonates with your best-match clients.

What you’ll get

My critique includes feedback on your sales page, content flow, layout & design, with rewrites and edits. You’ll also get:

  • A thorough video summary with specific copy recommendations and feedback 
  • A Google doc with detailed feedback including headline suggestions, transition changes, my top copywriting tips, improvements to make, and an action list so you can easily implement the changes
  • Complimentary email support for two weeks after your critique to ask follow-up questions or get my input on revisions you’ve made. 

“Your video has moved me deeply. I’m beyond grateful for your copy critique and I agree with all that you had to say. What you did was re-inspire me to create a clear pathway for women who need Conscious Uncoupling. I didn’t see how important that is until now.”

Sonyan White

Conscious Uncoupling & Divorce Coach, sonyan white coaching

“Krista’s feedback was spot on in helping me see my website from the lens of a prospective client. She helped me understand what was missing or confusing and leading to lost connection opportunities. A BIG THANK YOU to her for her work. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking brand clarity and looking to establish a virtual presence.”

Kimberly Schmitke

Change Facilitator & Executive Coach, Autumn Goose Coaching

The Process

Ready to get started?

Choose a service

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Complete the brief

Open the welcome email and complete the questionnaire. Once it’s done, I’ll do my research and start the critique.

Refine your copy

In 14 days or less, you’ll get a full report with edits, tips and areas to improve so you can easily apply the changes.

Wondering what to expect?

Check out these samples from past clients


01. Do you critique emails?

Yes, I’ll critique emails or copy you’ve written in a word doc for example that hasn’t been published on your site — especially if it’s an offer that you’re sending to your audience. The process is the same either way. However, I don’t critique sales funnels as they’re not something I use or recommend as a respectful marketing strategy.

02. Will you critique my website?

My copy critique includes one sales/offer/service page or offer email, however, I’m happy to give you personal feedback and critique your homepage design/copy instead. The process is the same, please be sure to indicate the page I’ll be critiquing once you get the questionnaire. 

03. Will you write my copy for me?

Your copy critique will often include headline rewrites, and I’ll make suggestions on ways you can make your copy clearer, more concise and engaging for your audience. However, I don’t write the copy for you. If you’d prefer to focus on other areas of your business while I write your website or offer page, then you can check out my done-for-you copywriting service here.