Copy coaching and critiques for conscious solopreneurs who want to write resonant sales copy without sounding salesy.

What would it mean for your business if you felt confident knowing that your sales page is articulating the incredible value of your offer and it was connecting with the right people?

Would it mean you’d:

↠ Finally, be proud to share it with the world so you can expand your reach and your impact?

↠ Resonate with more of the right clients and weed out the ones who aren’t so you can genuinely serve the ones who align with you most?

Increase enrolments because your ideal audience feels seen, heard and understood?

And while I’d never promise that with a few tweaks your sales page can work like an ATM machine (I do have a conscience!), I’m certain that when your words authentically communicate what you do to the people who’d benefit most (and why it matters), more inquiries (and a confidence boost in what you’re selling) is possible for you, too.

If you’ve taken your sales page as far as it can go and feel like something’s missing.

Or you’ve been tweaking the same paragraph for over a week trying to appeal to your audience but you can’t express it in an inviting (salesy but not salesy) way—

A Sales Page Copy Critique could be a great fit if you want fresh eyes on your copy to see what’s working and where it’s falling short (with specifics for how to fix it) so you can make the changes you need to create a deeply resonant sales page straight from the heart. ?

A Sales Page Critique may be perfect for you if you:


Completed a rough or final draft of your sales page but you don’t know what to include and exclude to deeply and authentically connect with your audience. 


Struggle to write succinctly and need help drawing out the relevant elements of your offer to minimise overwhelm or confusion for your audience.


Are clear about who you serve and know what you want to say but your copy sounds a bit dry or corporate and you want to capture your message in a way that reflects your authentic voice.


Want specific (and loving) copywriting feedback & coaching on what you’ve written to identify gaps, mistakes and things to change to make your sales page clear, concise and resonant.


Want to revamp an existing sales page because your messaging is off and it’s engaging the wrong clients (or none at all).

When your words hit the right note with the right people, a light goes off. They can feel that your offer is exactly what they need.

You don’t need to yell from the rooftops to get attention. Or use FOMO, scarcity, hype or fear to sell your offer. 

You just need to make a connection. 

What you’ll receive:


Line-by-line copy coaching to teach you everything I know about crafting authentic copy that reflects who you are and resonates with the right audience. 


Tips, techniques, and an extra set of eyes on your sales copy to point out gaps, mistakes, and an actionable list of changes to fix immediately or take with you when writing future sales pages and web copy. 


Suggestions for wording, structure, flow and formatting to use to increase clarity, value and resonance with your people delivered in a Google Doc.


A Loom video walkthrough with my feedback and an explanation of the rationale behind my suggestions so you can learn and improve your copywriting skills for next time.


A Message Tracker to collect the voice-of-customer research data (i.e. the specific language your ideal clients use to describe their problems and desires) to help you write deeply resonating sales copy (clients say, “this is gold!”.)

Want to hear what past clients have to say? Press play to hear from, Tara Whitney, Intuitive Eating Counsellor for entrepreneurs.

If a simple, well-structured sales page that makes it easy to find the details your people are after is your thing—you’re in the right place.


In other words, if writing in plain English and not overloading your audience with the “endless scroll of death” trying to find the information they need works for you, we could be a fit.

With every critique, I look at ways to distill your solution into clear points (and outcomes) without promising too much. You don’t need a hundred reasons why you’re the best or why your people should enrol—unless you’re trying to persuade someone who isn’t ready to buy.

That’s not what I do.

I help you set the scene, explain the problem and clearly outline who your offer is for—concisely and beautifully. Without convincing, hyping up or overselling results.

When you can make a deep and meaningful connection with the right audience, conversions come naturally.  

This offering is best-suited for conscious, ethical small-business owners who value:

Connection over Conversions

You desire highly-connecting copy that speaks to the best-suited people for your work without using hype or fear. You trust that conversions are a natural part of the equation when using clear, simple language that meets your people where they’re at but it’s not the whole formula. Audience size, traffic & relevance also play a role.

Service over Sales

It means that your course/program/offer won’t benefit the lives of everyone. You want to repel as many folks as you engage and you’ll do everything you can to ensure the right people enrol in your offerings. You truly want your students/clients to benefit from what you have to offer and you’re willing to turn people away if not.

Pricing Options & What To Expect

Read this sales page carefully then choose the offer that best suits your
timeline and budget.

Sales Page Critique

$375 USD

The Sales Page Critique is a great option if you want to go deeper into how to weave magic into your message and pinpoint gaps in your sales page to best ensure your copy is speaking specifically to the people you want to serve.

What’s included & how it works:


An in-depth copywriting questionnaire to better understand your unique voice, page goals, and ideal client’s problems and desires. I’ll use the answers you provide to guide your critique through the lens of your best-fit clients (and a respectful marketing perspective) to better ensure your offer is connecting with the right people.


1-2 hrs of research: Once I have a clear understanding of you, your offer and the people who’d benefit most from your work, I start researching how your people are talking about their problems and desires online so I can help you speak to them in a clear and straightforward way that gets their attention.


A Google doc with headline rewrites, copy & styling tips, questions to help you go deeper and copy inspiration you can steal or tweak to suit your style.


A Message Tracker to collect the voice-of-customer research data (i.e. the specific language your ideal clients use to describe their problems and desires) to help you write deeply resonating sales copy (clients say, “this is gold!”.)


A Loom video walkthrough and report with copy suggestions, formatting tips, grammar and spellcheck catches, and the top 10  issues (and fixes) of things you can do to help make your sales page shine. You’ll also hear my feedback and an explanation of the rationale behind my suggestions so you can learn and improve your copywriting skills for next time.


A 30-min Q&A call plus email or Voxer support for 30 days to answer any lingering questions and to give feedback on your revisions.


Delivery in 14 business days.


Add-on Services


1-1 Implementation call

In this 1-1, 60-min session, we’ll work together to incorporate as many of the suggestions as you’re comfortable with into your sales page.


Sales Page Mock Up

Get a visual mock-up with the suggestions to see how the copy will look on the page to ensure it’s clearly & effectively articulating the value of your offer. 


Wondering what to expect?

Press play to watch a sample from past critiques

“Your feedback has moved me deeply. I’m beyond grateful for your copy critique and I agree with all that you had to say. What you did was re-inspire me to create a clear pathway for women who need Conscious Uncoupling. I didn’t see how important that is until now.”

Sonyan White

Conscious Uncoupling & Divorce Coach


Will you critique my home/about/work with me page instead?

Yes! If you’d rather that I review your website (with high-level feedback) or prefer I dive deep into another page on your site, the best thing to do is to fill out the application here so we can chat about options. Once you submit your application, I’ll reach out within 2-3 business days with either a link to schedule a coffee chat or an invoice/copy brief to get started.

Will you write the sales copy for me?

You’ll often get headline rewrites and suggestions on ways you can write smoother transitions or make your copy clearer, more concise and engaging for your audience. However, I don’t write the copy for you, although you’re welcome to use anything I write on your actual sales page. The intention is to give you examples/edits to draw inspiration from and use how you see fit. If you’d prefer to focus on other areas of your business while I write your offer page, then you can apply here or request a sales page mock-up and I’ll reach out within 2-3 business days.

This is a new offer, and I don’t have a sales page yet, can you look at my rough draft?

Rough drafts written in a simple Word or Google doc are totally welcomed! As long as you’ve made a solid attempt to write your sales page, I’m happy to have a look. If you’re not sure, there’s a space on the application form to share your rough draft with me and I will take a look and let you know if I can help. As long as you have enough written copy to critique, and you have a good grasp on who your audience is and what your offer can do for them, it shouldn’t be a problem. Either way, I’ll let you know!

What if you critique my sales page and I decide I’d rather have you write it for me?

It’s no problem. If you decide to have me write your sales page instead, we can discuss the options then. Full copy for a sales page starts at $800/usd. You’ll be given a code for $150 off if you choose to upgrade. 

Can you review multiple pages?

The sales Page Copy Critique is for one page because it’s for people who want thorough feedback. If you’d prefer the option of having me review multiple pages on your site, you can let me know in the application form (special notes) and I’ll review it at a high level. You’ll still get a general recommendations list and video report based on my first impressions of your site/web pages.

What if I need help implementing the changes you recommend?

You’ll get Q&A support for 30 days after you’ve been given your feedback to give you enough time to implement some of the changes. You can ask for my feedback via email or Voxer during that time. If you need extra support, you can request add-on sessions for $90/hr, a special rate for copy critique clients.

What if I’m not happy? 

One of my values as a business owner is thoroughness. I spend a lot of time behind the scenes researching your audience & offer (the things you don’t see) to give you tailored tips and recommendations that I genuinely believe will improve your sales page and help you get more of the right people inquiring. Due to the time and energy I devote to your business, there are no refunds. Of all the reviews/critiques I’ve done for clients, I’ve never had anyone say it wasn’t helpful. Please review this sales page mindfully to ensure you know exactly what you’re signing up for. And if you still have questions, feel free to hop on a call with me here.

Jo Miller, Somatic Therapist

Colleen Adrian, Parent Mentor & Author

Eric Bensoussan, Coaching With Passion Academy

Got more questions?

Complete an application form to tell me a bit about your business and I’ll reach out by email within 2-3 days.


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