Where Should I Post Content? (& Why Going Where Your Clients Are Hanging Might Not Work For You)

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A common question I get from clients is, where should I post content?

Many of them feel paralyzed because they don’t know if they should post on Instagram or Facebook? Start a YouTube channel or a podcast? Write on Medium or their own blog?

No doubt there are a lot of choices out there and many ways to get your content in front of the right people.

So what’s the problem?

It creates a lot of indecisiveness and many find themselves stuck in a holding place of inaction because they’re worried they’ll choose the wrong platform.

In this episode, I share my philosophy and my A to this Q. Plus, why I don’t advise “posting where your clients are hanging” as a general rule. It may be right for you – but it’s certainly not right for everyone.

I also aim to inspire you to see content creation through a new lens. Exploring it as a sincere and fulfilling form of self-expression, not a lead generating strategy like you’ve been taught. I explain why in the episode.

If you struggle to know where to post content or feel it’s a chore because you think you have to “sell sell sell”, tune in to get my thoughts that’ll hopefully inspire you to just start.

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Hope you enjoyed the show!


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