My Simple 4-Step Process for Writing Sales Pages and Why Most People Don’t Know What To Say

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Ep. 24: Medium for Business with Bingz Huang

by Krista Bauer | The Business By Intuition Podcast

A common copywriting misconception that many people have is that you need to be a skilled or poetic writer to write website copy that resonates with your ideal clients. 

Ahem… not true.

Believing you need to have an innate talent for writing or possess years of experience to reach and connect with the right audience can leave people feeling lost, overwhelmed and burdened by the copywriting process. 

In today’s episode, I’m here to tell you:

  • Why writing isn’t the most important elements of writing effective sales pages and what is
  • My simple 4-step process for writing sales pages and why most people struggle when they stare at their screen and see the blinking cursor of death
  • How you can make the copywriting process much easier (and save yourself some time) by focusing most of your efforts on one thing, and
  • Tools and resources to help you edit and design your sales pages with greater ease.

If you have a question or would like to share your top insight from this episode, click here to send me a voice message and I’d be happy to answer or share it in an upcoming episode.


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