Let’s create an aligned & intentional business that works for you.

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What would it feel like to shift your business in a way that feels intentional, sustainable and aligned with your vision, values and the life you want to live?

Many of us start our businesses because we want to express ourselves creatively, share our gifts and passions with the world and help others transform their lives in some way.

We don’t think about the many hats you have to wear as a small business owner trying to grow your audience, create content, launch offerings, enrol clients, admin work, taxes and ALL THE THINGS you need to create a steady income.

Pretty quickly you find yourself spread too thin, overwhelmed and burnt out, drained by your marketing efforts and stuck in a perpetual cloud of mental chaos.

This tends to happen over time as we put our faith in the experts trying to create a business based on their vision, values, lifestyle, time, and energetic capacity to do the work. 

I’ve seen a lot of talented solopreneurs create beautiful businesses built on someone else’s foundation (myself included).

Eventually they find themselves feeling anxious, depleted, misaligned and a little unstable trying to make their business work for them. 

The problem isn’t that they need to take another course, learn a new skill or get more certifications, but rather, they need space and time to create the fertile ground from which their business can flourish, thrive and truly work best for them. 

If you’d love the support from another human who’s been where you are to offer encouragement, reassurance and guidance to help you reshape and grow your business with intention so that it can work best for youyou don’t have to walk this path alone!

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Hi! If we haven’t met before, I’m Krista.

I’m a business coach and a mom of two young children (one on the spectrum) which means I’ve always had great limitations on my time and energetic capacity to deliver this work and stay on top of all the ‘should do’s in my business.

After burning myself out year after year trying to keep up with the mainstream’s hustle approach to growing a business, I felt empty, misaligned and resented the constant struggle I felt trying to keep up with—not just the way I saw others showing up online—but also the frequency.

After seven years of experimenting, tweaking, and working with my own coaches, mentors and incredible clients, I’m grateful to share what I’ve learned about creating an intentional, sustainable business that feels deeply aligned so you can find the flow, focus and fulfillment you desire in your everyday life and work, too. 

Who’s this offering for?

I created this offering for creative or big-hearted coaches and business owners who are tired of the mainstream’s approach to growing their business online. You’re most likely:

Seeking a slower, softer, more intentional way of growing your business that feels good for both you and your clients.

A few years into your business and have a foundation but the standard marketing methods you’ve been taught aren’t working for you.

In constant reactive mode without an aligned vision or plan that feels simple and spacious to follow.

Inconsistent in your marketing and content creation feels like a soul-draining ‘should do’ versus a joyful, nourishing way to connect with clients and share your message.

Stressed about wearing ‘all the hats’ as a business owner and your day-to-day schedule lacks space, focus and sustainability.

Longing for deep-hearted connections with your audience but not sure how to make that happen.

“Krista has a way of bringing out your real, connected self again.”

I highly recommend Krista, she has helped me in so many ways. For me, she has a way of bringing out your real, connected self again. Any conversation I have with her, she always makes me feel aligned. I don’t need to prove anything, I trust myself again.

—Simone Batt

What’s included?

4, 60-minute coaching sessions: We’ll connect every few weeks over a 3-month period to realign your intentions with your current priorities and dig deep into finding ways to get your business into alignment with your vision, goals and the way you want to express yourself online. I’ll be guiding you every step of the way sharing gentle and supportive guidance, tools, and exercises to help you find the clarity you need to pivot towards a deeply fulfilling business that works best for you.

A private client portal: You’ll have your own private space to access your session recordings, worksheets, resources, in-between-session goals and intentions and any private training I give that is specific to your business.

In-between Voxer and email support: You can request feedback on something you’re working on or something you’re stuck with whenever you need it. Even if that means using me as a sounding board to get something off your chest and mirroring it back so you can access the answers you already know, I’m here for you.

Complimentary access to my course library and programs: I want you to feel fully supported during our time together. If there’s something I teach or create that’ll help you make deeper connections with your audience and create an aligned, intentional business you love, you’ll get it. I currently only have one course in my library, Visual Marketing for Beginners but there are more on their way (ps. you’ll get access to anything new I create for twelve months while I build my library).

Create Cohesive Graphics for Your Business coming Sep 2022.


3-Month Investment

$650 USD

(or 2 payments of $325 USD)

What can we work on together?

The core of this offering is to help you get deeply intentional about how you’re showing up in your business so you can truly make it work best for you. Here are some areas we can dive into:

Creating a solid foundation for you to understand how your business will truly work best with your vision, lifestyle, energy, time, goals and values (a process I call Finding Your Authentic Centre) so you can find more focus, flow and sustainability in your daily life and work.

Bringing clarity to your ideas, goals, dreams, and visions to help simplify and organize them into tangible projects or plans working at a sustainable pace for you.

Clarifying and refining your offerings, business model and/or message so you can feel calm and confident when marketing yourself online.

Helping you develop deeper clarity into the daily habits, routines and changes you want to make to help you build consistency with your marketing and content creation so you can nurture relationships with clients.

Delving into mindset traps and beliefs that might be preventing you from creating the business you truly want and believe is possible for you.

Building on what you’ve already got to make it work best for you or pivoting toward something that feels more sustainable and aligned with this stage of your life.

What do you want to make possible?

This is your journey and I’m here to support you with whatever you need during this phase of your life and business.


How do I know you’re the right coach for me?

It’s important to invest in a coach who shares your values. Also, trust your gut. If you’ve just read through this sales page and it doesn’t resonate, then, it’s worth looking some more. The best way to truly find out is by getting a sense of my style by signing up for my weekly newsletter, The Monday Letters, taking a course, following me on Instagram or my Podcast

What types of businesses and clients do you work with?

I support service-based clients who want to get deeply intentional about how they’re showing up in their business so they can truly make it work best for them. Most of my work up to this point has been supporting clients with their visual marketing, website, copywriting, and consulting through an authentic marketing lens—all of which are woven into our 1-1 work together. To date, I’ve worked with some amazing clients (read past testimonials here) who are doing some pretty cool things like conscious uncoupling coaches, connected parenting coaches, somatic healers, brand strategists, web designers, life coaches, movement therapists, emotional eating psychologists, intuitive eating coaches, journalists, authors and more from all over the world. I love working with big-hearted coaches, creatives and solopreneurs who value connection over conversions and want to use their gifts and passion to make a positive impact in someone’s life.

Can you guarantee results? 

As your coach, the only thing I can promise is that I’m here to support you as you do the work. I promise to be your accountability partner and someone who always has your back, but I can’t guarantee you’ll make an extra $2k per month or grow your audience by thousands. What I can guarantee is that 1-1 coaching provides the space and encouragement to try to make what you want possible.

I’m interested in coaching, but it’s out of my budget.

I have other offerings to suit a smaller budget, like audio coaching (coming soon) and courses. I also offer guidance and inspiration through my free content found via my weekly newsletter, The Monday Letters, The Business By Intuition Podcast, Instagram, Medium and occasionally YouTube.

What happens if my circumstances change and I need to stop coaching?

Before applying, I’d ask that you assess your current priorities to evaluate if whether a 3-month commitment to your business goals is possible right now. If you’re in the middle of a big life transition or you’re expecting one, then it’s best to hold off on coaching for now. If your circumstances change midway and you no longer have the space in your life to commit to coaching, then we can discuss the best course of action, which is usually to pause the work or slow it down. Each situation is unique and would be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

What’s your coaching style?

My style is about embracing where you are now, not pushing for answers or forcing “my way” onto you. I want you to leave our sessions feeling energized, inspired, and ready to take action on whatever we’ve mapped out. I believe in guiding you as much as possible towards answers you already have. Of course, I’ll jump in with tips, feedback, and authentic marketing strategies that have worked for me and that I think you’d benefit from, but ultimately, it’s all up to you.

I’m interested and have a few more questions, how do i get in touch?

Please fill out the inquiry form or email me directly at Krista@kristabauer.com and I’ll get back to you within 2-4 business days.

Enrollment is currently closed.

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