Client Love

Kind words from past clients and students.

The Visual Marketing for Beginners course was amazing. I’ve always felt incompetent and embarrassed about my cluelessness with regards to design. I wish I had taken this course 8.5 yrs ago, but better late than never! I used to feel pretty ignorant about this topic but the course helped me feel more competent and see more possibilities. I don’t think I’ll always have to hire others to make my design decisions! Thank you so much Krista Bauer! It was absolutely fabulous and I feel like all of my marketing is going to look more professional because of you!

Dr. Tina Huang

Holistic Brain Health Practitioner,

I needed a rebrand and graphic design help, as well as someone to bounce ideas off of. Krista is very thoughtful in her responses and helps take my big picture ideas and break them down into tangible smaller pieces. She’s a f**king awesome person to have in your corner.

Carrie Tyler

Holistic Hospice & Palliative Care Nurse / End of Life Bereavement Doula,

My business was growing and evolving and I needed support so I could free up time. I was looking for feedback and someone to exchange ideas, brainstorm and co-create with. Krista is attentive and empathic and takes care of every step along the path so you feel safe to give work over to her. I feel in good hands.

Eos Koch

Soulful Web Designer & Photographer,

Thank you so much for this course. It helped take me to the next level! I used to feel frustrated because I knew I needed to write and express myself if I wanted to have the kind of impact that is dear to me in this world. After your course, I feel relief. A slow new confidence. Pieces of the puzzle are fitting together and I’m a new me— a more confident me which is a critical component of a successful business. Krista really cares and answers your questions. She understands the steps and really wants us to be able to implement them. She wants us to understand it more than she wants to “sell’ her course. Now, I just need a lot of practice but at least I have the tools to write engaging website copy.

Becky Castro

Copywriting With Heart Student,

I wasn’t confident that my copy accurately reflected my ideal client’s experience or described the results they would get. After having a conversation with Krista, she reviewed my sales page for an upcoming course and gave me some detailed feedback and suggestions in a video. I’m launching an online course using that sales page, and clients are purchasing, telling me that the “course looks great!” and they can hardly wait.  I know that adding the elements that Krista suggested and changing some of the language has had a huge impact on my client’s ability to recognize themselves when reading it. I’m so happy with the results!

Colleen Adrian

Parent Mentor & Author,

To my therapist friends in private practice or any other entrepreneurs who are curious about how to refine your messaging on your social media platforms so that it reflects your values, both textually and visually, I want to recommend Krista’s courses to you. As an aside, I make zero money or any other level of profit from putting this out there, I just took both courses (in their beta form) as I was interested in the content my friend was working on, specifically because she views the marketing side of any practice from a grounded, holistic lens – otherwise I would not have put aside this amount of time to engage in the sessions.


Copywriting With Heart Student

I highly recommend Krista, she has helped me in so many ways. For me, she has a way of bringing out your real, connected self again. Any conversation I have with her, she always makes me feel aligned. I don’t need to prove anything, I trust myself again.
Simone Batt

Copywriting With Heart Student, Dance & Movement Coach

Krista is very thorough and walks through all the intricacies of visual design. I did not expect such an expansive overview, and so many visual examples to reference. She’s very personable, engaging, and excels at her content. Before this course I was struggling to create visually cohesive designs and felt very overwhelmed but now I have a better picture of where I want my brand to go. I would highly recommend this course to everyone!

Claren Gustkey

Visual Marketing for Beginners Student

Before working with Krista, my website copy didn’t reflect what I wanted to portray and I was spending too much time writing with unsatisfactory results. I felt calmer knowing that I was in safe hands and that I’d receive a prompt, professional and content-rich product. I was relieved that I could entrust this to her because her initial process meant that we were both clear and confident about what was being created. Now, no more website sadness for me! I’m proud to have a site that reflects who I am and what I offer in a highly polished way. Her copy wireframe and explanatory videos are golden! They’re clear, concise and my site is now clean and simple. I feel credible and professional with a clear message and a clear offering which gives me confidence!

sonyan white

Conscious Uncoupling & Divorce Coach,

Krista was recommended to me by a former colleague to help distill the essence of my brand and reach my people. Krista was a pleasure to work with, helping me to get excited about sharing my message and gaining clarity on how to connect virtually. Post-launch, Krista’s feedback was spot on in helping me see my website from the lens of a prospective client. She helped me to understand what was missing or confusing and leading to lost connection opportunities. A BIG THANK YOU to Krista for her work. I would recommend her to anyone seeking brand clarity and looking to establish a virtual presence.

Kimberly Schmitke

Change Facilitator & Executive Coach, Autumn Goose Coaching

What a surprise! Before the course, I was overwhelmed by the different aspects of creating a new image and didn’t know where to start. In three short sessions (with a great guide book) I had the tools and insight to really know what I wanted and how to get it. It was such a clearly structured overview for an absolute beginner—this course surpassed all my expectations. Krista is incredibly knowledgeable and knows how to share her expertise with a mixed (knowledge level) audience from all over the world. Together with George, who in this case ‘held it all together’, their caring, spiritually aware generosity created a course that is such good value for money. With great course materials, I’m happy with what I’ve learnt and feel I’ve made great progress. Thank you very much to a great team!

Annett Tate

Visual Marketing for Beginners Student

Before working with Krista I was stuck trying to figure out fonts and colors for my new website and marketing materials. She is just so talented, organized, knowledgeable, a gifted artist, and I very much appreciated the attention and time she put into my branding project. I’m now excited and ready to finish up the website and get it published. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to hire an expert instead of trying to DIY everything myself.

Tina Bowne hart

ADHD & Productivity coach,

I needed a new website but I just kept putting it off. It felt like a big weight on my shoulders. Krista knew how to use Squarespace which I was thinking about moving to (from WordPress). It was nice to have someone take the lead on the project and now I have a great website 🙂

Kirsten Akens

Journalist, Author, and Editor,

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