Current Offerings

If you’re curious about my work but you’re not sure which offer is right for you, book a coffee chat and I’ll see how I can best support you.

1:1 Coaching for Solopreneurs

Your Business, Your Way.

1-1 marketing coaching for soulful solopreneurs who want to create deeper resonance with the right audience so they can make money with integrity and in alignment with who they are.

Start with a 90-min intro coaching session to deep dive into your business and see if we’re a fit before you commit.

A second set of eyes on your copy.

Have you written a rough or final draft of your sales page and you’re wondering if what you’ve got is speaking to the right people? If you’re not sure what to include or exclude to deeply and authentically connect with your audience, then a sales page critique may be right for you.

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Sales Page Critiques & Copy Coaching


Short, easy-to-implement courses.

Short, easy-to-implement courses to empower you in slow marketing philosophy, authentic branding, visual marketing, copywriting & crafting clear and cohesive messages that resonate.

The library is getting a refresh and more courses will be added/updated throughout the year.  Stay subscribed to get notified.

Free-to-attend workshops.

Learn with me in a relaxed, interactive environment and connect with like-minded solopreneurs who want to reach and resonate with the right people so they can create a sustainable income that supports them comfortably. 

Workshops and live classes are free-to-attend live (pay for the recording). 

Workshops & Live Events