soulful coaching for creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs

You can’t sprinkle fairy dust on your dreams and expect them to happen. If you want to take the next big leap in your business you’ve got to push through your resistance.


Whether you’re a beginner in business or a seasoned practitioner…the quiet rebel type or a fierce warrior goddess…one thing’s for sure—you’re a Divinely gifted woman devoted to spreading light in the world.

However, you’ve forgotten one thing…

You are powerful and everything you need to succeed is already within you.

You don’t need some wannabe guru to tell you exactly how to run your business or follow someone else’s formula for success. You’ve got all the light-worker wisdom you need to take the next step and create the thriving business of your dreams.

The only thing standing between you and your vision is someone in your corner cheering you on, gently nudging you forward and helping you grow and expand in a way you never thought possible.

The power is not in the answer but the questions you ask.

My coaching programs are designed to ask the hard questions that only you can answer.​​

One part soul-search, one part to-do list, you’ll be inspired to push past your fears, find a clear focus for your goals and take action on creating a compelling brand and business that attracts your soulmate clients and helps you use your Divine gifts and talent to light up the world.

You might be blocked or resisting if you’re: 

  • Floundering or sabotaging yourself with limiting beliefs
  • Stuck in bad habits that prevent you from showing up consistently and putting your dreams and ideas into practice
  • Hiding or living in your “safe” zone
  • Suppressing your creative calling like the artist who never draws, the writer who never writes or the entrepreneur who never starts a business
  • Conforming and denying your own authenticity—afraid to be who you really are
  • Avoiding the important work (stuff that’ll make the greatest impact in your life and the lives of the people you want to serve).

Areas we can focus on in your life or business: 

  • Getting crystal clear about your brand message, mission and the dream clients you want to serve
  • Shifting your mindset to stop doubting every decision you make or feeling like a failure
  • Creating a clear vision that aligns with your values so that you’re always in alignment with exactly what you want to create in your life and business
  • Setting clear intentions and big-picture goals to provide a roadmap so you’re clear about the next step (or the first one)
  • Accountability for launching a course, writing that book, starting a podcast or any creative desire you’ve been putting off
  • Crafting products, services and offerings that your ideal clients can’t say “no” to
  • Writing copy for your products that connects and converts browsers into buyers
  • Developing an Instagram strategy that attracts the right tribe, builds community and engagement and turns followers into lifelong fans
  • Creating an unforgettable new client onboarding experience that’ll set you apart from the masses and have them eagerly telling the world about you and your business
  • Breaking barriers and overcoming obstacles that are holding you back from creating a life and business you never dreamed possible.  

Fear is just an invitation for massive growth and expansion.


Expansion Intensive

90-min Clarity Coaching Session

What you get:

+ 1, 90-minute in-depth clarity session
Recording of your session
Personalized video summary with call notes and a 14-day action plan
15-min accountability call 2-3 weeks following your session
30 days of email support and accountability.

The Expansion Intensive is best suited for you if you want:

+ To find clarity and focus on one aspect of your business (offerings, copy, lead magnet, brand, niche, sales page, newsletter, etc.)
Short-term accountability, guidance and encouragement to help you see a project through to completion
Work through limiting beliefs that are holding you back and preventing you from taking the next step in your life or business.


$195 USD

Expansion Extensive

3-6 Month Coaching Experience

What you get:

+ 10, 75-minute focused clarity sessions
Recording of each session
Personalized video summary with call notes and monthly action plan
+ Complimentary access to any of my products or courses that will support you on your journey
12 months of email support and accountability

The Expansion extensive is best suited for you if you want:

+ To dive deeper into your business and find clarity and focus on 1-3 areas of your business over a 3-6 month timeframe (offerings, copy, lead magnet, brand, niche, sales page, newsletter, etc.)
Ongoing accountability, guidance and encouragement to help you see a project through—start to finish
Work through limiting beliefs that are holding you back and preventing you from taking bolder steps in your life or business.


$1495 USD

What are you most afraid of accomplishing?

You don’t need another course or to buy another product.

It’s time to take stock, reflect on your own story and break free from the habits that keep you comfortable.

Hey, I’m Krista!

A certified life and career coach who has been steadily growing my business between nap schedules and snack time (a.k.a. full-time motherhood with time and energy in limited supply).

What you’re experiencing is exactly how I’ve felt in my own life and business while making my slow but steady transition from hobby business to professional creative.

Learning to show up consistently no matter how uncomfortable (and overwhelming) it gets has been the most challenging yet rewarding aspect of my entrepreneurial journey—and, trust me, I’m still a #workinprogress but I’ve also got a lot to teach.

If you’re a person who feels called to serve the planet but not sure how to get started or you’re at a point in your business and wondering if coaching is right for you—start by asking yourself how satisfied you feel in your life or business right now.

I can promise you, there’s no magic pill or secret formula, you just have to show up daily and do the work—pushing past every relentless urge to “perfect” it first.

Say “no” to hiding and living in the shadows of your true gifts and talent. Break free from a life of comfort and expand beyond the barriers holding you back.