Hey, I’m Krista.

You bring something unique and special to the world and I can help you share it with the people who need your gift. 

Being a heart-fuelled entrepreneur myself I know about the unique challenges you go through to set up and grow your online business…ahem, spreading yourself too wide and focusing on too many things sound familiar?

I can relate to feeling overwhelmed by all the “must-do-this-must-do-that” things you’ve read and content you’ve consumed on how to get clients and turn your soul-fuelled business into the thriving practice of your dreams.

And believe me, I get the inner struggle of wanting to serve the world and help people in a way that aligns with your values but still earn a living so you can make a greater impact and focus on the things you love—both in life and in business.

That’s why I’m committed to helping you build a business that feels good—one that honours your path, represents who you are, connects you with the clients you most want to serve and enables you to use your Divine gifts and talent to light up the planet.

I know that with love as your guide, joy as your compass and a clear vision that aligns with your heart—you dear one are capable of changing the world.

When you focus on the important work (doing what you love and where you can make the greatest impact) you create your best work and your dream clients will soon take notice.

My story

What started as a self-help blog to channel my grief after losing my life-long friend to suicide, quickly became my obsession to demystify the process of learning how to turn my creative gifts and talent into an online business to fulfil my own soul-inspired calling.

Like so many clients I’ve talked to, I had a dream of changing the world but didn’t know how to get started and was afraid of choosing the “wrong” path.

What I’ve since learned is there’s only two choices: Action or Inaction.

One which manifests your dreams into reality and one which keeps your feet firmly planted where you are.

And, if you’re not where you want to be, then the only thing worse than going down the wrong path is choosing no path at all.

My Manifesto

for a meaningful life

Don’t chase your dreams. Create them.

Don’t look for purpose. Live with purpose.

It’s not about what you can get in life. It’s about what you can give.

Don’t wait until you hit your next milestone to be happy. Choose happy now.

If you’re feeling stuck or not sure how to get started, jumpstart your journey with these:

stop procrastinating

In my most popular post (shared by thousands of peeps just like you), you’ll learn the top 5 reasons why you can’t stop procrastinating and how to avoid it so you can stop stalling and finally start moving forward in the direction you want for your life and business.

get clarity and focus

Not clear about what you want or got too many ideas and inspired by #allthethings? Download my free clarity kit to gain traction and take action so you can start putting your big ideas into practise and align with exactly what you want to create in your life and business.

set better goals

Not sure what areas of your life or business you should focus on first? Awareness is key and always the first step in transformation. Try the free life assessment tool to help you visualize what matters most right now and to help you set meaningful goals that you’ll actually stick to.

fun facts

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