Copywriting for Soulful Entrepreneurs

coaching + done-for-you copy that connects with your dream clients and fits with your brand

If you want to attract and engage the people who are a perfect fit for your offers, you’ve got to articulate their problem clearly and write copy that connects with where they are now. 

What I mean is…

If someone’s sharing a story that I can relate to, I’ll naturally tune into what they’re saying, even if they’re selling something. That’s why writing website copy that connects is essential if you want to authentically connect with the right people—the people who are a fit for what you do and are steadfast to find you.

But, what happens when the right people stumble upon your website or land on your sales page and it doesn’t relate to what they’re thinking or feeling now?

Many of my clients consider themselves to be great writers, many of whom are published authors, but they recognize that copywriting is a different kind of skill. 

When it’s time to write copy for their website or marketing materials, most are left staring at the blinking cursor of death wondering, “how can I express myself and write copy that connects with my ideal client?”.

There’s a fine line between being too formal, using too much jargon and describing your ideal client’s experience from your perspective versus writing in the natural way your clients are actually expressing what’s troubling them. 

Although copywriting is writing words that sell, it’s possible to write in a gentle, non-persuasive way that doesn’t cajole or trick people into buying from you.

What I’ve found is the most effective way to write copy doesn’t agitate a problem or use hype to sell your services and speak to someone’s unconscious mind.

Instead, it articulates what you do clearly and compellingly to match you with kindred-hearted folks who genuinely want and need what you do.

It’s not about converting people into buying something that isn’t for them, but rather, writing with a crystal-clear intention, then extending a heartfelt invitation to the match-made-in-heaven clients who are a perfect fit for the transformative work you do.

You might be ready to work with a copywriter or be coached on your copy if you: 

✦ feel like your copy lacks personality or doesn’t reflect who you are

✦ feel there’s a disconnect between the words you write versus how your clients actually speak

✦ try to be everything to all people which makes it hard to narrow your focus or get your point across concisely

✦ are confident in your expertise but you don’t know how to express it with the world or on the page

✦ sound too formal and robotic and want to sound more natural, warm and personal

✦ want to write in a way that invites the right clients to work with you versus mainstream copy that screams “sales”

✦ lack the ability to write clearly and have a tendency to let the words drag on

✦ aren’t sure about the language to use or how to write from your client’s perspective

✦ need help writing for different types of pages (home page vs. sales page, etc.)

✦ want thoughtful feedback on your copy with tips and suggestions on ways to make it clearer and more compelling. 🖤

woman smiling

No more website sadness for me! I’m proud to have a site that reflects who I am and what I offer in a highly polished way!

“Before working with Krista, my website copy didn’t reflect what I wanted to portray and I was spending too much time writing with unsatisfactory results.

I felt calmer knowing that I was in safe hands and that I’d receive a prompt, professional and content-rich product.

I was relieved that I could entrust this to her because her initial process meant that we were both clear and confident about what was being created.

Now, no more website sadness for me! I’m proud to have a site that reflects who I am and what I offer in a highly polished way.

Her copy wireframe and explanatory videos are golden! They’re clear, concise and my site is now clean and simple.

I feel credible and professional with a clear message and a clear offering which gives me confidence!”

— Sonyan White, Conscious Uncoupling Coach |

How we can work together

(all prices USD. Canadians pay in your currency. Payment plans also available)

Copy Audit


what you get:

▷ a pre-recorded video of my review with tips, copy suggestions and recommendations on how to make your copy clear and compelling.

customized feedback through the lens of your ideal client and a holistic marketing perspective for various aspects of your online presence (copy, design, content, etc):  3 web pages, 1 social media profile, one additional asset of your choice

a checklist summarizing my recommendations for easy reference and implementation.

The copy audit is best suited for clients who:

want a quick and affordable way to get copywriting support that speaks to their ideal clients and identifies key mistakes that could be preventing them from getting results.

feel confident in their writing ability but want an experienced set of eyes to critique their existing copy and offer suggestions to make it more effective.

want clear, actionable steps that make it easy to implement changes that align with your site goals (ex. more course sign-ups, opt-ins, discovery call bookings, etc.)



What you get:

a copy clarity session to clarify your target market, brand voice, goals, and next actions

in-depth ideal client exploration and research analysis with a guidebook that includes tailored-for-you copy and content suggestions (ex. headlines, subheads, blog topics, and more)

5-hrs of copyediting + mentoring on anything you’ve written or are in the process of writing (web copy, marketing materials, ads, blog posts, emails, etc.)

▷ a complete audit of your online presence with a pre-recorded video with personalized tips, gaps and recommendations on ways to make your copy connect more with your ideal audience.

copy Editing is best suited for clients who:

are comfortable writing on their own but want a meticulous partner who can check for spelling, tone, inconsistencies, clarity, wordiness, jargon, and do rewrites, if necessary

feel overwhelmed by the editing process and want someone who can handle the small details, the big picture, and understands the core desires of their client.

want to save money on my per-hourly rate.



What you get:

 copywriting for 3-5 pages of your website (ex. home, about, services, landing page)

a copy wireframe of each web page with a clean and clear layout to help you DIY or hand over to your web designer for revising

writing prompts, questionnaires and clarity sessions to help you clarify your message, find your authentic voice and connect with the clients who are the best fit for your offers.

The website copy package is best suited for clients who:

understand the value of clear and compelling website copy, but would rather spend their time on the work that truly lights them up

want to refresh their outdated web copy that no longer reflects who and where they are now, and doesn’t speak to the clients who are the best fit for their offers

feel their web copy is all over the place and isn’t articulating what they do in a clear, concise or compelling way. 

Not sure which package is right for you?

I’m launching an online course and clients are purchasing, telling me that the “course looks great!” and they can hardly wait.

“Before getting copywriting help from Krista, I was feeling discouraged because despite having visitors to my website, the people who visited only occasionally contacted me for my services.

I knew that my services were helpful to parents because of enthusiastic and heartfelt feedback I received from clients with whom I worked. So I guessed that my web copy must be lacking something, but I couldn’t figure out how to improve it. I wasn’t confident that my copy accurately reflected my ideal client’s experience or described the results they would get.

After having a conversation with Krista, she reviewed my sales page for an upcoming course and gave me some detailed feedback and suggestions in a video. Her feedback was professional, clear, and reflected considerable knowledge of how to do sales and marketing in a respectful, authentic way. I’m so happy with the results!

I’m currently launching an online course using that sales page, and clients are purchasing, telling me that the “course looks great!” and they can hardly wait. I know that adding the elements that Krista suggested for the sales page, as well as changing some of the language has had a huge impact on my ideal client’s ability to recognize themselves when reading it and make a clear decision about whether it’s a good fit for them.

I’m excited and relieved to be making more sales, and I’ll be using Krista’s services for revising the rest of my website copy.”

— Colleen Adrian, Parent Mentor, Speaker and Author of Freeing Your Child From Self-Criticism and Perfectionism |

My simple 3-step process




In this phase, we’ll work together to uncover your biggest trouble spots when it comes to writing clear and compelling copy. We’ll audit your existing assets to identify gaps and oversights that could be preventing your copy from resonating with your best-fit audience. Once that’s clear, I’ll help you pave a clear path forward.




In this phase, we’ll clarify the biggest trouble spots of your client to deepen our understanding of what she truly desires and how your service solves her problem. Once we’ve determined who you’re speaking to, I’ll begin my research process to gather rich voice-of-client-data to write clear, compelling copy that connects.




Once we have a deep understanding of your goals, who you are, who your client is and the problem they want to solve, I’ll filter my research, write an outline, then build a copy wireframe to give you a visual look at how the copy will appear on the page that you can hand off to a designer or simply revise yourself.

You don’t need to use fear, agitation and hype to sell your offerings online. When your words reflect warmth, sincerity and can clearly articulate your offer and who it’s for—the right people will gravitate to you naturally. You don’t need to scream to make a sale, you can simply just invite.

Hi, love! I’m Krista

I’m a self-taught copywriter who believes that the best way to convert prospects into paying clients, is to stop trying to convert them.

It’s counter-intuitive to what most copywriters teach and aim to deliver for their clients. However, since you’re still here, it’s probably okay to assume that you’re not like most businesses online.

You value service over sales, and connection over conversion.

That doesn’t mean you don’t want a sustainable income that allows you to continue to offer the life-changing services you provide—it just means you’re not willing to sell your soul to do it.

If you want a meticulous partner who writes respectful copy that clearly articulates the problems your people are frantic to solve (i.e. without persuasion, outlandish headline formulas and fear-based language that agitates a problem and pours salt on their wounds), book a free sesh and I’ll tell you what’s missing so you can resonate more with the folks who genuinely need and want what you do.

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How does it work?

and other FAQs

What’s the difference between copyediting and copywriting?

Copyediting is the process of checking an existing asset for grammar, spelling, clarity, tone, jargon, wordiness and rewriting pieces of content, if necessary. Copywriting is the process of writing original content with the intention of engaging your ideal audience to take action.

I’d like to work with you, but I’m not sure which package is right for me, can you help?

Of course, the best way to know what’s right for you is to book a Copy Clarity call with me to best understand your needs and what you’re struggling with to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. 

I would love to get your feedback on my sales page/website copy, but my budget is tight, what’s the best way to work together?

The Copy Audit is the most affordable way to work with me 1:1 and will give you a thorough review of gaps and improvements you can make to help you connect with the clients you most want to serve. My hourly rate is $110 which is a good fit for small, one-off projects or quick tips and suggestions you can implement on your own without going deep into your business. Last, if you’re self-motivated, and you’d rather learn copywriting basics so you can DIY with rinse and repeat methods, sign-up for the waitlist to know when registration for my course, Copywriting With Heart is open.

How long does it take to get my Copy Audit screencast?

There’s a two week turnaround time to get your video report and PDF checklist with tips, recommendations and next actions to improve your existing web copy (it could be sooner, but I can only guarantee a 14-day turnaround).

Will you quote a custom project?

I’d be happy to! Click here to tell me what you need and I’ll respond within 3 business days.

What should I know about you before hiring you?

My copywriting style is more intuitive than formulaic like most mainstream copy tends to be. My intention is to write clear and compelling copy that connects with the right clients so they can make an informed, conscious choice about whether your offer is a fit for their life now.  If you want someone to write high-converting headlines and sales copy that uses fear, agitation and hype to sell your services online then I’m not your girl. But if witty, bubbly, tries-too-hard-with-their-90’s-pop-culture-references-to-show-personality makes you nauseous, then we might be soulmates after all. The best way to know for sure is to book a chat with me so I can take a thorough look at your business, and we can feel if it’s a true match-made-in-heaven fit. 🖤

Got more questions?

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