“Resonance is when we express ourselves so beautifully and honestly that people can’t help but feel it.”

—Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies

Hello! I’m Krista.

I love that quote by Tad Hargrave because it speaks to my artist soul and encapsulates the very thing I try and help my people do—build deeper resonance with the right audience so they can sell their services in a way that feels natural and make money in alignment with who they are.

Resonance means that when the right people find you, they’re intrigued by your work or inspired to reach out because you’re speaking the same language (this is literally what my clients say). 

It helps to establish trust. Build loyalty. And most importantly, it creates a sense of safety for weary folks who’ve been burned by a fast industry built on dishonesty and converting clients at any cost.

I want my audience to encounter my work and feel the calming presence of a supportive friend who understands them because she’s been exactly where they’ve been. I want them to feel my heart and a deep sense of knowing who I am.

Although there are many ways to cultivate deeper connections with your people, my work supports clients & students by helping them refine their aesthetic, create a clear and cohesive message across their website and social channels and gain an in-depth understanding of themselves and their clients to create the most relevant, resonant offers.

When you find clarity in these areas and your words and energy starts to reflect who you are and the value you provide, people take notice. Then you can begin to create a sustainable income that supports you comfortably without burning yourself out or feeling out of integrity with who you are.

When your heart takes the front stage in your business, the right people will gravitate towards you naturally.

And when your message speaks directly to the folks who are a genuine fit for your work, there’s no need to shout. Ever. 

My Story.

When I think back to my early days of coaching, I’m somewhat traumatized by my initial experiences of selling. When I became certified, I was given a thick white binder and inside there was a tab that said “marketing”. Eager for clients, I went straight for that section.

I read through the discovery call scripts and elevator pitch templates and remember feeling sorrily disappointed. I was TERRIFIED the first time I had a discovery call that wasn’t a friend or a family member.

I stuttered my way nervously through the script. I made sure to pay careful attention to objections I heard to quickly find the “how to handle objections in a sales call” section and have a comeback ready.

My initial sales calls were painful for my clients and me. They could sense my nerves and inauthenticity. I felt ridiculous. The conversations felt contrived, and it was not how I wanted to interact with my people. Thankfully I heave-ho’d the big white binder and have only had honest conversations ever since.

Long before I knew authentic marketing was a thing, I was sharing my work from the heart. Fellow sensitive solopreneurs felt my authenticity and resonated with my message and online vibe. They hired me to help sell and package their services beautifully and honestly, too, so they could reach and resonate with more of the right people and have their online presence reflect more of who they are.

This is the essence of my work – helping conscious business owners share their work openly and authentically to build deeper resonance with the right people, not push for sales, so marketing can feel natural and they can earn a sustainable income with integrity.


When you follow an approach that lets you stay true to your soul, it’s possible to enjoy marketing (perhaps even love it, too). I’m not a natural marketer either but I lean into the process because I see it as a creative extension of my work. One that allows me to make deep and meaningful connections with the people I feel called to serve.   

I also believe that being who you are is persuasive enough for the right people. There’s no pressure to “sell” yourself. You don’t need to appear bigger or more expert than you are. But you do need a clear message. 

You’ve got to know your clients and how your solution solves their problem. You need to know yourself, your philosophy and what you believe in.  You need to articulate your offers in a way that helps your clients feel seen and heard. You want your online presence to resonate so when the right clients finally find you, they’ll know they’ve landed in the right place. 

I’ve also been a mentee of George Kao (the OG of authentic marketing), since January 2020 and his teachings greatly influence my work. We co-taught a course together here (Visual Marketing for Beginners), and he’s interviewed me on creating and growing an authentic online business here.

If you’re interested in my work, I’d love to invite you to connect with me through my newsletter, podcast or a a course to get a sense of my vibe and style.

Either way, I’m grateful you’re here.

a few fun facts


TYPOLOGIES: Human Design 2/4 Projector, ENFP, Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer rising ✨

HATES: small talk & being rushed

LOVES: the ocean / my babes 

HOBBIES: drawing, journaling & short cinematic film making

INTENTION: seek beauty in the everyday 

BUCKET LIST: live abroad & write a book 

STILL LEARNING: progress over perfection


MANTRA: bring light to everything you do ✨

COLLECTOR OF: washi tape, tarot decks & unmatched socks