Hey, I’m Krista. You’re here and that’s no coincidence.

I’ll bet you’re a seeker like me. A visionary. A Creator and a doer.

You’ve got a purpose to fulfil and a mission to pursue but fear, a cloudy vision and overwhelm hold you back from doing that thing you know in your heart you’re meant to do.

As a former nine-to-fiver, I know what it’s like to push paper all day and feel like your creative gifts and talent are being wasted away.

As a light worker called to create and communicate beauty and healing in the world, I’ve wondered if it’s possible to be both spiritual and successful, too.

And as someone with a spirit-led business driven to serve others, I’ve questioned whether I could earn a living from my creative gifts without sacrificing myself and the people I love to make my dreams happen.

But, believe me when I say…

If you want to make the difference you were born to make—you’ve got to trust—step deep into your calling and align fully with that version of yourself that deserves to thrive in her life and business!

When you’re using your God-given talent to benifit others, the only thing that can sabotage it, is you.

Don’t deprive us of your gifts and the contribution you were born to make—the world depends on it.

I believe that one of life’s greatest tragedies is to deny yourself of the person you were born to be, the life you dream of living and the contribution you are meant to make in the world.


Krista Bauer is a certified holistic life coach, creative virtual assistant and a Brand Map certified designer who has been steadily growing her business between toddler nap schedules and snack breaks.

She helps aspiring and emerging soulful entrepreneurs, writers, coaches, healers or anyone who feels the call to be creative unlock the magic of what makes them unique online—helping to align their vision with their values so they can attract exactly what they want to create in their life and business (and say no to the things that don’t).

With a special emphasis on helping women find the focus they need to achieve their creative goals and make the small shifts needed to put their big-hearted vision into tangible offerings, her core mission supports soul-fuelled business owners gain the confidence, skills and clarity to fulfill their Divine life calling.

When she’s not out trying to make a positive change in the world she can usually be found engaging in some sort of creative project, laughing at something ridiculous she’s just said (or did), advocating for animals, snuggling with her fur babies (that includes her husband), reading a good book, studying, taking a hot bath or sipping on some ginger tea (although she prefers red wine).

She currently lives in Calgary, Canada, a city located in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and gets inspiration to pursue her creative calling from her two beautiful children, Indie and Ezzy.


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