Create an authentic online presence that connects with your audience, and you feel proud to share with the world.

Many of my clients tell me, they’ve been called to soul work, but they haven’t been called to business.

It means, they’re gifted in the transformative work they do and solid in their expertise, but they don’t know how to share it in a way that speaks to the people who are a fit for their offers.

For most of my clients, having a soulful online presence that reflects who they are and resonates with their audience is the difference between offering their work for free and creating a sustainable income that allows them to carry out their Divine life’s work and make the change they’ve been sent here to make.



Hi, love! I’m Krista.

I’m an online presence coach and mentor who’s been steadily growing my business between toddler nap schedules and snack breaks for the past five years.

I teach coaches, healers and spiritually-minded entrepreneurs how to create a clear and compelling online presence that reflects who they are and engages true fans who adore (and need) what they do.

But here’s the thing—if you want to be a lavender-scented candle in a sea of fluorescent bulbs, it’s gonna take more than a pretty website to shine online.

It takes trust, a clearly-articulated message, and a genuine connection between you and the people you’ve been called here to serve.


How can I help you?


Heart clarity


Want to refine your vision and identify your values so your heart aligns with your business and the people who are a fit for what you do?




Want respectfully-written words for your website that connects with your audience without using fear, FOMO or scarcity?


Heart Notes

aka love mail

Want emails that feel like a hot cuppa tea on a cold autumn day? Sign-up for bi-weekly (ish) heart mail.


Igniting the Light Within

the Podcast — coming soon

Hearing the right words at the right time has the POWER to SHIFT your entire perspective and SPARK the CHANGE you were born to make.

I’ve been honoured to help clients from all around the world, craft clear messages and create compelling vibes that establish trust, credibility and gives them the confidence to sell their offerings online.


Some of those include:

Yoga Therapists

Death Doulas


Published Authors

Alt. Health Practitioners

Life coaches


web designers

Intuitive Counsellors

How to get started

01. Book a clarity session

We’ll identify your biggest frustrations and heartfelt desires to create a compelling vision for the life and business you want to have.

02. Craft A Clear plan

We’ll set goals that align with your new vision and hone in on the work that truly excites you to ensure you’re attracting what you desire.

03. transform your business

With your newfound sisterhood, you’ll stop second-guessing yourself and emerge as the powerfully Divine Creator that you are.


My business was growing and evolving and I needed support so I could free up time. I was looking for feedback and someone to exchange ideas, brainstorm and co-create with. Krista is attentive and empathic and takes care of every step along the path so you feel safe to give work over to her. I feel in good hands.

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