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Hey there!

I’m Krista. I teach & mentor sensitive solopreneurs how to reach and resonate with their right-fit clients using a kinder, softer approach to marketing. One that’s led by their values and intuition not fear or coercion. 

Six years with an online business has taught me to follow my instincts not formulas. Showing up as myself in my business has allowed me to create a business that aligns with who I am and attracts the soulful, service-led clients I want to work with.

When your unique personality, perspective and message connect with the folks who are a genuine fit for your work, there’s no need to shout. Ever.


How can I help you reach & resonate with your audience?

(using a kinder approach to marketing)

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Tina Hart

Krista is just so talented, organized and knowledgeable. She’s a gifted artist and I very much appreciated the attention and time she put into my branding project.

Eos Koch

Krista is attentive and empathic and takes care of every step along the path so you feel safe to give work over to her.


Krista views the marketing side of any practice from a grounded, holistic lens. I recommend her courses to anyone who wants to refine their message so that it reflects their values, both textually and visually.

Colleen Adrian

Krista knows a LOT about copywriting! I appreciated that she could answer so many questions and I love that her approach is to resonate with potential clients, not push for sales.

Sonyan White

Krista can take my ideas, develop them and realise a high-quality website that’ll perform its prime function well. I also appreciate that she has technical knowledge which she simplifies easily.

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I love to write & talk about kind marketing practices, heartfelt copywriting, authentic branding, and slow, spacious business growth.

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A collection of affordable workshops, templates & ebooks to help you simplify & amplify your online presence.

The 5 Keys of Writing Copy That Connects

The 5 Keys of Writing Copy That Connects

Are you struggling to write sales page copy that connects with the right people?

Copywriting is an essential marketing skill, yet, so many entrepreneurs find themselves deep in the weeds when it comes to writing resonant copy that connects with their best-match clients.

What you may not know is that copywriting is a different kind of skill. Luckily, it’s a writing skill that can be taught and practised once you know the fundamentals.

If you struggle to engage your ideal clients with the words you write, then I invite you to attend this introductory-style class that covers simple concepts and shifts you can make to improve your writing so that you can start crafting effective copy immediately.

In this 90-min workshop recording, you’ll learn simple tips and shifts to improve your copywriting skills so that you can start crafting copy that connects with your audience immediately.

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between content writing and copywriting and mainstream vs. a more heart-centred approach
  • Top mistakes coaches make when writing for their website
  • Simple tips to help you write clear, engaging copy that speaks directly to your ideal audience

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A 90-minute, live class playback and Canva slides to teach you the basics of heart-centred copywriting that connects
  • A 30-minute website review (watch me critique student websites)


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Speak Your Client’s Language (Copywriting Class)

Speak Your Client’s Language (Copywriting Class)

The most resonant sales copy is the copy your client’s write themselves.

But how do you find the language your clients are using?

How do you write without paraphrasing or taking a wild stab in the dark at what they might say or how they might say it?

It’s called effective copywriting research. 

In this 90-minute live class replay, you’ll learn how to collect, organise and track rich voice-of-customer data and draw out key messages to help you write sales copy that speaks directly to your best-match clients using their own words. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Detailed steps for gathering voice-of-customer data so you can find the right wording and phrases to use in your copy
  • How to organise your data using my message tracking system (my go-to tool when writing copy for clients)
  • A simple process you can follow to help you understand the pain points, deeper desires and hesitations of your clients so you can write how your clients actually speak (even without having clients).

If you’re a coach, holistic practitioner or small business owner who:

  • Struggles to write sales copy and finds yourself deep in the weeds of not knowing what to say or how to say it
  • Writes and writes and writes, but it doesn’t resonate with the right people (or anyone at all)
  • Wants a simple process that shaves hours off your sales page writing time because you deeply know where your clients are at and have the right language to meet them there.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A 90-minute, live class playback and materials (class resource guide + message tracker) to teach you how to find how your clients actually speak to help you write sales copy that’s deeply resonant
  • A step-by-step process for finding key messages and language that’ll spark new ideas for website copy and content
  • [Bonus!] A sales page framework to help you outline your copy


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Visual Marketing for Beginners Ebook

Visual Marketing for Beginners Ebook

Struggling to create visually appealing marketing materials that engage your audience and feels authentic to who you are?


  • The 7 principles of good design so you can confidently create graphics for your website and social media
  • Basic colour harmony and font psychology so you can choose fonts and colours that embody you and your business
  • How to work with photos and where to source high-quality images
  • A system to simplify and streamline your workflow so you can stop wasting time trying to figure out where to start with designs
  • Free and easy tools to help you craft well-balanced designs that engage your ideal audience
  • Tips and tricks for designing in Canva (+ a bonus 2-hr Canva for Beginners private video training).

You’ll also get immediate access to my Brand Keyword Mini Workbook, a simple Moodboard process to help you choose fonts and colours for your brand, and dozens of ready-made design templates and “how-to” video tutorials to help you implement what you’re learning.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the resource guide from my course Visual Marketing for Beginners. It doesn’t include the class recordings but many students have said the guidebook has been “one of the absolutely greatest tools” and “worth the value of the course alone”. 

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