Wanna know the secret for how to stand out online?

it’s you!

You’ve got an incredible gift and you’ve been called to heal the planet, CHANGE LIVES and serve others.

but there’s just one problem…

As a solopreneur running the ENTIRE show, things are chaotic and you’re so busy trying to do it all yourself that you rarely get time to focus on the work that truly excites you or will take your biz to the next level (aka work that achieves results $$ ).

whether you’d like to free up time to:



Create an e-course to reach a bigger audience and grow your business

Write a book to help sign your dream clients or become an influencer in your industry

Take a vacation to attend a plant healing retreat in The Amazon Rain Forest 🌿🍃

having a business that nourishes your soul and your bank account shouldn’t be a pipe dream.


and why should you have to settle for anything less?



Hey! i’m Krista.

Being a heart-fuelled entrepreneur myself I know about the unique challenges you go through to set up and grow your online business…ahem, spreading yourself too wide and focusing on too many things sound familiar?

I can relate to feeling overwhelmed by all the “must-do-this-must-do-that” things you’ve read and content you’ve consumed on how to get clients and turn your soul-fuelled business into the thriving practice of your dreams.

And believe me, I get the inner struggle of wanting to serve the world and help people in a way that aligns with your values but still earn a living so you can make a greater impact and focus on the things you love—both in life and in business.

I know that with a clear plan, aligned goals and a trusted sister supporting you to take the necessary action to grow your business—you won’t be just “capable enough” to do this—you’ll be on FIRE!


How can I help you?




Banish the blocks that prevent you from growing your business with clarity, direction and success. Like a well-needed pep talk, coaching may be the gentle push you need to make your vision happen.



+ design

Take your brand from bland to awe-inspiring and unlock the magic of what makes you and your online space unique. Communicate your message clearly and consistently to give your clients the experience they deserve.




Stop wasting your most precious asset (YOU) on things that are not your passion or your strength so you can focus on doing exactly what you love—and create the change you were born to make.


Igniting the Light Within

the Podcast — coming soon

Hearing the right words at the right time has the POWER to SHIFT your entire perspective and SPARK the CHANGE you were born to make.

I’ve been HONOURED to HELP clients just like YOU create clear strategies, clarify messages and craft compelling VISIONS that resonate with the people they want to SERVE.



Some of those include:

Yoga Therapists

Death Doulas


Published Authors

Alt. Health Practitioners

Life coaches


web designers

Intuitive Counsellors

01. Book a clarity session

We’ll identify your biggest frustrations and heartfelt desires to create a compelling vision for the life and business you want to have.

02. Craft A Clear plan

We’ll set goals that align with your new vision and hone in on the work that truly excites you to ensure you’re attracting what you desire.

03. transform your business

With your newfound sisterhood, you’ll stop second-guessing yourself and emerge as the powerfully Divine Creator that you are.


My business was growing and evolving and I needed support so I could free up time. I was looking for feedback and someone to exchange ideas, brainstorm and co-create with. Krista is attentive and empathic and takes care of every step along the path so you feel safe to give work over to her. I feel in good hands.

Eos Koch

Soulful Branding + Web Designer, Photographer, eoskoch.com

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