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A weekly newsletter of honest explorations in authentic marketing to help you market your business naturally and make money by being who you are.

Hey, love! If you’re a soulful solopreneur who wants to cultivate deeper resonance with the right people (following a gentler marketing approach) so you can build trust with your audience, enrol better-fit clients, make money and do it by being true to who you are, pour yourself a tea and and diffuse your favourite oil—you’re in great company. x


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About once per week, I send letters that are a mix of vulnerable explorations in authentic marketing and personal, practical lessons I’m learning along the way to growing a sustainable business that nourishes me both spiritually and financially. 

I also share tips, tools, resources and send occasional updates about upcoming offers that might interest you which includes special pricing for my most loyal followers (aka the peeps on my list—hopefully that’s you!). 

My intention with every email is to leave you feeling comforted by something I’ve said or inspired by something I’ve created.  Never bombarded with shouty emails trying to shove “value” down your throat or sell you something you don’t need. Think love note from a trusted friend rather than mass broadcast out to thousands of people. Zzz!

Use the form below to join my warm and safe community of kindred souls who value connection over conversions and service over sales. 

PS. Curious what’s inside? You can check out a few past articles here, here and here.  

Mock-up photo with earbuds, flowers and an iphone showing the Business By Intuition Podcast on a brown paper background

Kind Words

“I love your words. Thank you for always sharing your heart. I can feel it and I have always loved that about following you.”

—Claren, USA

Hi Krista, I just wanted to send a note of thanks for all you shared here. I can feel your heart and wisdom on the page. I honour all you shared and feel inspired reading it.”

—LISA, Canada

“Your email resonated very powerfully with me and especially since today is my last day (by choice) at the job that has nurtured my career for the past 14.5 years. I’ve been interested in coaching with you since learning about your other offerings but have been waiting for the ‘right’ time, perhaps that time has come.”

—Nadia, USA

I’ve never had an email resonate with me so much!! Thank you for taking the time to be brave enough to write and send it!

—Ally, USA

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